Quantum Meruit
(as much as earned)
Punitive damages

American Law was first scribed in Eighteenth Century traditional English of their era. It was different in more ways than the artistic look of their penmanship. A few letters and the sentence style provide a succinct meaning.

Today, campaign marketing is in the millions of dollars providing media camouflage of who is deflecting the intrusion on the People’s enjoyment. The shameless flaunt of drivel cloaking the public is offensive. The media accepts contracts to influence the people (a third party) with a monopolistic intrusion on individual privacy. It is a struggling, hard fought, losing battle. In short, it is using a state fictitious entity as an inchoate business without a valid state function.

They are less than an entertaining, indirect, purchases of public official’s conduct. The summation of layers of law balanced over centuries has reached a cacophonic injustice.

There are several months of upcoming chicanery being force fed the People on a national scale. The people in supporting Justice at amounts comfortably given can initiate a change by the number of supporters . Something would be counted in the number of individuals (not alone) indicating a policy other than cacophony from the political campaign media deluge. They will notice America needs the Public Policy Project’s campaign to get the candidates attention. They are looking now for any attention getting issue they can claim during the time of the Presidential Election.