One Of The Citizens (OOTC)

The Commonwealth Forum is the People’s High Court, or law making as seen here on-line.

A Supreme Court precedent is precedent for codified law. The Court does not modify the Constitution. Not even in Marbury vs. Madison, 1803 until today.

A new form of Governance with lightning keys and real transparency is here. Read what has been done, the actual filed documents. Click on them and down load a copy for your self.

The other three branches profess transparency, however their transparency is purely the absence of viewing within their office. Their conduct is wasted motion and they have developed a habit of selling their conduct on a commercial media screen as evidence of personal performance. Evidence of their mockery is a website for a failed bank, the EXIM Bank. Another is their performance on television.

Conduct on the Campaign for the Sovereign People (voters) is a waste of the media. The Conduct of the Public Policy Project and the steps taken are recent as a start up Digital Record. It is steps taken by One Of The Citizens.