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170px-MarburyOne of the first actions taken by America’s new Federal Government was about the authority of the Supreme Court issuing a Writ of Mandate for the placing of judge commissions for start up Federal Courts (Marbury v. Madison). Marbury was to be a new Judge. Madison was a new Secretary of State. A dispute with the political infrastructure transferring the title of possession by the two public officials became infamous.

The Supreme Court ruled and denied Marbury’s request. The court had limited authority to frame a ruling. Denying the Writ in the instant hearing reads English facts into law proving the conclusion. The case was final.

Without discussing the centuries old case (1803), the delivery of the document was lacking but it was visible within that early court. A lot of time has passed.

Some disputes were settled by two individuals with an affirmative office fixture known as —dueling pistols.


Marbury v. Madison

Making Money

US-$1000-TN-1890-Fr-379a-2The Treasury manages the United States of America’s money.

The printing and coining of money is statutorily created differently within the constitutional hierarchy.

The Federal Reserve, primarily prints money. It is an organization codified by Congress.

The United States Mint, was later codified by Congress. The difference is a distinction of language that provides a money value reference.

The earlier is a tangible value where the second is representative value.The constitutional value of printed money is the physical value of the paper. The ink adds nothing i Quantum value. Science can produce a digital coin.

The computer can manage digital money.



us-2-dollar-bill-400-171There is old saying amongst pilots about clouds: one is, “When you are flying with low visibility be careful because there are rocks in those clouds.” It is decades old.

Herein, I’ll use the “Cloud” as a menu heading for “White Papers.” . . . . “at least for while” . . . “because of its use in marketing.” In communication, today, the “written word,”  or the issue promoted is often invisible. The media, as used, is not only written English. The languages used are many, and they are ambiguously sorted as data.

The data is invisible as stored, likely molecular, and deserving of a moniker for science or “Quantum.”

There are many issues in Constitutional Law that deserve that English adjective.

National money herein is “Fiat Capital.” The formation of a writing creating a descriptive money with both agreeing that one has created a paper describing a perceived acceptance of providing the describer an agreed token.

Paper creates debt while a token wanted is value. Gold is precious.

Science has an eye on Quantum Money.

Congress and Tax

An individual’s sovereign right to Justice is ordained at birth and it is expressed in the Preamble and is further listed throughout the modern Constitution.

The Constitution exists as a fact and it is ordained as the law of the United States. Another fact is a function of Humanity with both a moral and an economic value in legal conduct.  Execution of expressed Constitutional terms create a legal infrastructure. Near the end of the Constitutional Articles (VI) clause that redirects supremacy focus on the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence was an absolute list of grievances of the English Monarchy. A war was fought and won and an agreement was signed. The Articles of Confederation were inadequate. A Convention was assembled and a Constitution based on the Common Law was order of the day.

Soon, Ten Amendments were added with expressed Human Rights (the Bill of Rights). From the First Amendment and threaded through to the end of the Tenth  Amendment is the absolute right to organize and shall ensure Human Rights.

The Constitution gives Congress a tax base to fund their activities.
The Constitution Article I and the Sixteenth Amendment apply.

Tax Credits have an economic status based upon the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The IRS is a government agency, bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Credits are a full dollar value adjustment of money taken earlier from an income source. They were named and credited by 89,500 employees in 2014 at $11.2 billion.

An attempt to act in a business fashion with a public official is to have a right without a remedy and is an injustice. The people are at a distance and must act on their own.

Human rights Credits
A Sovereign Right is at the top of the Constitutional Hierarchy. And the right shall be threaded through to the end without help.

A Human rights Credit is superior in authority to the assignment of management of the IRS Code to an agency. The people do have a voice and way of action.

Sovereignty rights have a monetary value when you work at it. It is real Capitalism

Chancery Ordained

marbury-v-madisonOne of the earliest Supreme Court cases, in the early 1800’s, criticized an injustice of the Common Law. That harshness still exists today. However, today, Judicial injustice has a recent National Organization that has been ordained with the sovereign authority to remedy injustice.

Notice was given of with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. A study began with research and application of the findings applicable to foster further management of business toward a progressive valuable future.

The study was not wasted in spite the Stimulus failure to provide funds slowed the progress and caused a Realm with the authority to process and authorize gathering the funds from available income as determined by a constitutional process.

Using the Common Law for these formations is Constitutional, and a statement of authority was implemented to vest ordination was by the use of Letters Patent. The intent is directed in furtherance of the collection of funds for the funding of the current Letters Patent and its remedy for injustice.

Letters Patent is a Doctrine to establish governance as expressed. The Doctrine is powerful and in recent centuries was used to establish lawful government for the English Monarchy in foreign colonial properties and laws in both Australia and Canada forming two Governors, and two Parliaments within the terms of their Patents.

The Chancery in America exists by Constitutional Letters Patent.

About the Constitution

us-constitutionThe Constitution has an English grammer hierarchy organizing the rank of authority of elements as they are assigned their vertical and horizontal from the left top across to the last succeeding line down to the bottom right in succession of the filled written pages to the last page.

The major divisions are named in an understandable visual order.

The Preamble in a long sentence that identifies the documents natural rights for a collage of necessary lifestyle conditions the following document must create in Seven Articles. They included defined conduct to form a free nation. Reading the first time requires concentration and common sense to appreciate.

Soon after, they added Ten Amendments, Article V. of the above provided direction. They are commonly called the Bill of Rights. It’s more conduct.

Today, Eleven to Twenty-eight Amendments have been added by Article V. This short writing is descriptive of the complete Constitution.

All constitutional law is traceable from an expressed authority in its pursuance.



Offshore Bankruptcy

puerto-rico-capitolThere is a Constitutional battle offshore in the Caribbean. Both the United Kingdom and America are there. Bankruptcy is the subject of the battle. It’s the Queen and the US people that are sinking in debt.

Common sense herein uses words and phrases without legal citation.

The Constitution, through Congress, shall establish uniform laws of Bankruptcy and other law.

The Stimulus Bill of 2009, also known as the American Recover and Reinvestment Act was a monumental size, thousands of pages. It also fostered this Public Policy Project (Project) web site and the Public Policy Domain (Domain), a public domain name to further the employment of the Common Law for America’s inhabitants.

A vested ordination of authority is necessary to move expeditiously with policy needed by the descriptive name of the bill, for recovery and reinvestment. Some things are better, and somethings are worse.

The Project and Domain are reviewing social and business needs to engage for lawful change.