Congress and Tax

An individual’s sovereign right to Justice is ordained at birth and it is expressed in the Preamble and is further listed throughout the modern Constitution.

The Constitution exists as a fact and it is ordained as the law of the United States. Another fact is a function of Humanity with both a moral and an economic value in legal conduct.  Execution of expressed Constitutional terms create a legal infrastructure. Near the end of the Constitutional Articles (VI) clause that redirects supremacy focus on the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence was an absolute list of grievances of the English Monarchy. A war was fought and won and an agreement was signed. The Articles of Confederation were inadequate. A Convention was assembled and a Constitution based on the Common Law was order of the day.

Soon, Ten Amendments were added with expressed Human Rights (the Bill of Rights). From the First Amendment and threaded through to the end of the Tenth  Amendment is the absolute right to organize and shall ensure Human Rights.

The Constitution gives Congress a tax base to fund their activities.
The Constitution Article I and the Sixteenth Amendment apply.

Tax Credits have an economic status based upon the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The IRS is a government agency, bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Credits are a full dollar value adjustment of money taken earlier from an income source. They were named and credited by 89,500 employees in 2014 at $11.2 billion.

An attempt to act in a business fashion with a public official is to have a right without a remedy and is an injustice. The people are at a distance and must act on their own.

Human rights Credits
A Sovereign Right is at the top of the Constitutional Hierarchy. And the right shall be threaded through to the end without help.

A Human rights Credit is superior in authority to the assignment of management of the IRS Code to an agency. The people do have a voice and way of action.

Sovereignty rights have a monetary value when you work at it. It is real Capitalism