The nature of life and life’s needs are unchanged from earlier rule. An environment that was unacceptable is documented in the Declaration of Independence in a negative list.

Several centuries ago the Gutenberg Press spawned a spiritual Reformation with the proliferation of printed books. The literate wrote, read, talked, and changed the known world.

The injustice of law stems from a foundation covered by rules that are pivotal in their application. Growth of law from lack of stated constitutional reference is not derived from policies that focus on the Preamble’s inclusive natural human rights.

The Declaration of Independence lists a King’s unfair governance of people far removed from the inhabitant’s land. The King practiced money redistribution by boat.

Early Action

A proceeding in Chancery for unacceptable treatment by officials, under color of authority, that screams for justice.

Redress is an executory right superior to all congressional law of inferior language.

Marbury v. Madison

In deciding whether Marbury had a remedy, Marshall stated: “The Government of the United States has been emphatically termed a government of laws, and not of men. It will certainly cease to deserve this high appellation if the laws furnish no remedy for the violation of a vested legal right, (1803).

Income Tax

The Sixteenth Amendment addressed the status of Income as a tax base for funding in pursuance of the Constitution. The United States of America’s government spending operation is based upon the Internal Revenue Code and court rulings. The Code is an Amendment extending the right to tax to an agency. It is inferior law to U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 8.  Code law is written by an agent (employee hired by an organization) created by a congressional bill entitled a Public law.

The agent’s written law is enforceable, but the Public Law falls short of inheriting  the Supremacy Clause executory ordination.

Article VI clause 2

The Supremacy Clause statement addresses the constitutional hierarchy of superior law. Amendments are an example of supremacy reference because of the executory statements in Article V within the Constitution. Superior law is inherited from an existing prescriptive source.

Twenty-seven Amendments are evidence of prior authority of change.

Historically, a man supported a family, a woman managed a family, and the world turned. Today, the man and the woman are needed both to support a family. There are a lot of excuses for the country’s dilemma. The dilemma is not the problem; the problem is not mentioned till now and it is money (period).

Again, the spread of education, and electronic communication has changed the normalcy of logistics in business and politics.

First Question: is Construction still the second largest business in California. A decade ago it was Aerospace.  Aerospace moved from California. Is Construction first now?

In a search for Aerospace, the United States of America has little or no response on line. Didn’t check on Construction. Didn’t seem like there was a need too.

The states are subject to economic control by Federal Governance. An Amendment (the Seventeenth) unfrocked statehood authority. With the public election of state government officials ( state Senators), there are two buildings and they only need one, the House of Representatives.

America’s business is the states main function. They register and create corporate fictitious entities. The State registration is for a fee with a strict list of legal conduct to perform within the state. They transact business outside the state under Federal law.

Project Socrates
This project was a congressional bill to study declining trade. The bill provided reasonable answers. Funding its continuance ended.

America’s business has’t changed much over the last century. A World War II product has been an instrumental catalyst to communication and capitalism, the computer.

Tax on property has been ignored with the exception of a low tier municipal base of revenue.