Congress, through a bill in 2009, passed an act known as the Stimulus Bill, and induced one of the people of America to rely on funding by the bill.

A study was preformed and upon completion the results identified problems in the Bills formation of their intended recovery business.

Based upon the data processed, the results formed  an organization to remedy the failure of the Bill on this account, The Bill’s conditions of binding a new business, appears before the first dollar of proposed profit.

The Bills plans for business will need continued subsidy to continue. The Stimulus Bill is still active today, along with its budget.

Historically, during the completion of the Articles and later during the completion of the Bill of Rights’ and the Amendments,  and the Application’s party fashioned a preordained Chancery. The fairness of the subject of review shall have the redress power to resolve any issue up too and if necessary the Supreme Law of the Land.

The resulting organization has the capacity to provide equitable redress to this organization and others by engaging Constitutional and human rights remedies. This web site represents the Public Policy Project and its debt owed by the omission to respond to their duty by the acts executory commitment to fund as stimuli engaging business performance, therefore employment and earnings.