Project Socrates

The Department of Defense (DOD) funded research through the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and enabled economists in (Project Socrates) to determine and implement resources to regain a visible American world wide posture. The funds were spent from 1983 until 1990 when it was defunded. It was labeled “industrial policy“.

Somebody missed the INDUSTRIAL RED FLAG. American competiveness has been squandered by lawful business economics.   The flag is still waving, although it is at half mast. Spending America’s Industrial Revolution earnings is today’s investment fury.

The DOD’s funding (knowingly or unknowingly) was visionary. The least successful countries are America’s labor source for cheap workers employed by the Red Flag.

American business should have rang the LLBERTY BELL instead of waving the Red Flag. There was warning.

The new China has a single Communist Party (Machiavellian) government and has a Constitution for the people to structure business and labor to sell to America.

As an example, China has created a Social Group of Princes in control of China’s money for the party members. Communism was a moneyless government where individual benefits were received as needed.

The Proletariat, in China, have an oppressed feudalism, and the party members are Princes for the non-party members.

It is time for American reformation. Giving away the economic power of industry is synonymous to weakening America’s defense.