The United States is what America is all about. During the 2nd World War and for some time after,  “The States” was America’s name. It was used with affection.

During that Century, governance morphed into its present state. The computer and comummication advances were at the heart of change. The use of written language (paper and digital) has culturally permeated the social environment.

Both paper and digital writing use the same Alphabet Characters. They look the same when presented to a reader of the content.

The paper reader evaluates the final form of a printed document.

The computer reader evaluates a generated surface image from computer language logic (true or false) that simulates a visual translation temporary form of a document on a screen. A computer screen is a temporary facade of electrical impulses that have an off switch.

A problem can arise from temporary possession and use by others for profit.

A people with rights first appeared in the Magna Carta in England, June 15, 1215. The people of the Thirteenth Century articulated a citizen’s first Human Rights. 

The Eighteenth Century American Constitution contains a formal government and a Sovereign People’s Human Rights.