Public Officials say what they think the people want to hear. They are members of a protected group. Article I of the Constitution provides a privilege from arrest. They are in truth not immune from social responsibility to the public.

Yet, trying to contact Congress fails for the public.

When the people are ignored, it’s time to demand attention.

The Constitution ordains all common law remedies bearing the presumption of sufficient judicial authority to assemble and issue an  enforceable rule for redress of any grievance.

Congress wanted to do business in 2009. Responding in a formal business fashion, I tried:

The Speaker of the House,
The President of the Senate,
Every member of both Houses of Congress by fax several times, and
Several times, in person, at a local House Representative’s office.

It’s time to give them all a tongue lashing.

Project is a summary page of action that bore no response from a soliciting bill to adjust or shorten the economic slow down nationally in the several states. Public Officials changed business. They never made contact for this plan (although not named Instant Project at the time of application).

Public Official media marketing is all that is in view as a result of their action. Their tongue is all that worked. The study by the sole Public Policy Project provides tools for improvement.