Future teaching in the United States has been usurped by providing money derived from states and their inhabitants and extracting unsuccessful results in the states education programs.The Supreme Court enforces state performance after accepting the funding whether reluctantly or not. A LAPSE facade is not a partial legal action against the “bank.”

The Involuntary Bankruptcy Stay of Execution is protection and constitutionally supported.


The web site is being advertised as still in online (COMMERCIAL). The content is soliciting. e.g. customers, Congress, Lenders, and governments, and planners.

They solicit the very activities they deny authority to accomplish, and some they are continuing.

The Public Policy Project has free live copies of documents on-line for view and download. The are published World Wide.


An advanced law degree (LLM) with law practice on a United States level plus the current state level license only needs funding. There is an early-on international university with facilities for the first Commonwealth class.

The United States and its land’s ruled need a strong hand for direction. America’s minority children are being patronized at their learning experience cost.

A State’s spending congressional EARMARKED funds without the State’s “PERFORMANCE” would be an “EFFICIENT BREACH” of state conduct.

At the United State’s action I would hearald the states decision by the people in the state.


Reformation is one of the many outcomes that can be managed by this Bankruptcy. This is one or the Common Law changes for the everyday people.

The Petition has been filed: